Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 3: Clara

Today started with class discussion in our individual groups where group members reported on their assigned articles. This gave opportunity for students to learn and have open discussion about a variety of mental health topics within Ireland. So far it has been extremely interesting learning about the differences in the mental health area in Ireland and the United States. While most mental health issues are prevalent in both countries it seems to be far less recognized and accepted here. After class we were able to explore the city in smaller groups, deciding on a variety of different places to go. I, along with Allie and Lara decided to walk around the city center of Cork and see what we could find that we haven't seen before. During the walk, we stumbled across a resource agency for victims of domestic violence. As we had learned in a lecture the previous day, domestic violence in Ireland tends to be kept on the "hush hush". So we decided that for our experiential we would go to the resource agency and collect information and pamphlets. Upon entering we were greeted by two ladies, one of which ended up inviting us into her office in order to allow us to ask any questions and hear what the agency was about. Ms. Ledger provided us with a plethora of information about working with this population and it was interesting to hear of the struggles this population deals with here that they might not have to deal with in the states. She discussed it being difficult working with clients who have come in from other cultures and them bringing those traditions with them; such as voodoo. We were given a few other resources online to explore which included Women's Aid and Safe Ireland. 

After an excellent day exploring this beautiful city, we got to celebrate Lara's birthday!!! So shout out to Lara, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!! 

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