Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 4: Natasha, Kylie, Janeeta & Misti

Blarney Castle
Thursday morning's class focused on the idea of multiculturalism in the mental health field. Specifically, we discussed the Travellers, a small indigenous nomadic group considered to be a minority group here in Ireland. One article examined patterns of substance abuse among Travellers, while another addressed similar patterns among young people attending college in Northern Ireland. The final article compared perceptions of specific emotions in the US ans Ireland and the implications for counseling. 

After class, we took a trip out to see the famous Blarney castle and gardens. People have been journeying here for more than two-hundred years to climb the stairs and kiss the Blarney stone. It's said that the powers of the stone bring eloquence and luck. Kissing the Blarney stone must have brought us all some good luck because the weather was perfect for exploring the expanse of castle grounds and gardens. These grounds also offer other hidden treasures such as the Wishing Steps, the Poison Garden, and the Witches' Stone. The only downside to the day's activities was the fact that part of the castle was currently being restored. However, we would still wholeheartedly recommend visiting this site to anyone who has the opportunity.

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