Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 2: Allie & Amber

Charles Fort

Today was filled with a great deal of fun and learning about the culture in which we are visiting. Our day started with a discussion and lecture from Dr. Sharon Lambert. Her talk on substance use with adolescents in Ireland was really engaging and informational. It was also interesting to learn about their educational system and how the drop out rate was linked with substance abuse in Ireland.
After the lecture, we traveled to Kinsale where we learned much more about the history and culture of Ireland. We visited Charles Fort initially and learned about its history involved with WWI. We then took a kayak tour in the bay where our instructor explained to us the history of Charles Fort that spreads further
Charles Fort
back into the early 1600's. Along with the help of some curious seals, we also got to witness the great beauty of the city. Overall, we've learned a great deal today from both Dr. Lambert and those of Kinsale that the Irish culture is still affected by the trauma experienced from the many wars that have affected generations before. While there has been great progress with mental health, Ireland has a lot if exploration in this field that can be beneficial to this population.

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